London offers a wide range of events that support the study of palaeography. These include lectures, seminars and summer schools. Among the events supported by the London Palaeography Teachers’ Group are:

Medieval Manuscripts Seminar 

The seminar covers current research into the intellectual history of book production in the Middle Ages, into the history of medieval texts and script and into manuscript culture more generally. The great value of the seminar, which was founded in the 1970s, is that it draws on a wide pool of expertise from the academic world, the British Library, and the commercial world of books. It is linked with the London Palaeography Teachers’ Group and so acts as the meeting place for many of those involved with the teaching of the London International Palaeography Summer School. More information about the lectures, together with instructions about registering for online lectures is available here.

Other Seminars

The Institute of Historical Research also hosts a large number of seminars, some of which occasionally include talks on palaeography and manuscripts. Information about those seminars is available here.

The Courtauld Institute of Art organises events on illuminated manuscripts as part of their art history programme. Their full events list can be found here.

John Coffin Memorial Lectures

The annual John Coffin Memorial Lectures are hosted by the University of London and present new research in palaeography and manuscript studies. A list of previous lectures with some recordings is available here.

London International Palaeography Summer School

With its origins in short courses run in the summer, London International Palaeography Summer School (LIPSS) now offers intensive short courses on aspects of palaeography and manuscript studies all year round. These courses range from programmes for complete beginners to courses on particular topics with leading experts in those fields. Information about online courses running in the Spring of 2021 is available here. For courses running in Summer 2021 click here.