John Coffin Memorial Palaeography Lectures

The John Coffin Memorial Annual Palaeography Lecture celebrates current work by leading scholars tackling questions pertaining to the script and reading of medieval manuscripts.

Past lectures:

2018-19, Prof. Susan Rankin (University of Cambridge), Writing Music on Parchment in the Early Middle Ages.

2017-18, Prof. A.S.G. (Tony) Edwards (University of Kent), What is Palaeography for? The role of Palaeography in Scholarly Research from the Nineteenth Century onwards.

2016-17, Prof. Judith Olszowy-Schlanger (École Pratique des Hautes Études), Crossing Palaeographical Borders: Bi-alphabetical Hebrew scribes and manuscripts in Egypt, Spain and Northern France (11th to 15th centuries).

2015-16, Prof. Daniel Wakelin (University of Oxford), “Let me slip into something less comfortable”: Gothic textualis by accident and by design.

2014-15, Prof. Nicholas Vincent (University of East Anglia), Who Wrote Magna Carta? Lecture available here.

2013-14, Dr James Willoughby (University of Oxford), The Hand of Ralph of Coggeshall. Chronicle-Making in the Reign of King John.

2012-13, Prof. Mirella Ferrari (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), From Milan to Europe. The Transmission and Diffusion of the Works of St Ambrose. Lecture available here.

2011-12, Prof. Jennifer O’Reilly (University College Cork), Inscribed Images and Inscribed Scribes.

2010-11, Prof. James Carley (York University), “In Private Men’s Hand”: The library of Archbishop Whitgift (d. 1604): Sources, catalogue and dispersal. Lecture available here.

2009-10, Prof. Teresa Webber (University of Cambridge), Reading in the Refectory: Monastic practice in England, c.1000-c.1300. Lecture available here.

2008-9, Prof. Vincent Gillespie (University of Oxford), Fatherless Books: Authorship, attribution, and orthodoxy in later medieval England.

2007-8, Dr Margaret Bent (University of Oxford), The Re-making of the 15th-Century Veneto Musical Anthology MS Bologna Q15.

2006-7, Prof. Richard Gameson (University of Durham), Codices Circumientes: The circulation of books between England and the Continent c.871-c.1100.

2005-6, Dr Christopher de Hamel (University of Cambridge), The Library of Abbot Simon of Saint Albans.

2004-5, Prof. Martin Steinmann (University of Basel), Abbot Frowin of Engelberg and His Books: A Swiss scriptorium of the 12th century.